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Kitchen and Bathroom



kitchen and bathroom renovations

Would you love a new kitchen sink or gas cook-top? Is your kitchen mixer tap leaking? Would you like your dishwasher in a different place? Our plumbers are experienced in all things kitchen.

Call today to discuss your kitchen needs. From repairing a hot water tap, to installing and maintaining appliances, our plumbers will get your kitchen up and running in no time.


Orbost Plumbing have provided toilet & washing machine plumbing in Orbost and East Gippsland since 1991. When something goes wrong with your bathroom plumbing, we know how it effects everyone in the house. Often the stench, sight or noise of the problem can drive people in your house mad.

Common problems our plumbers fix in the bathroom and laundry are leaky and faulty taps, blocked drains, burst pipes, water hammer, leaky toilets and noisy washing machines. Let Orbost Plumbing flush your problems, call us today.

In the early 90s Rinnai forever changed the way Australians enjoyed hot water, with our launch of the country’s first fully electronic gas continuous flow hot water systems. It was a revolutionary leap that provided total confidence and comfort by knowing that your hot water would never run out. We called it Rinnai Infinity.
  • Hot water service installations and repairs

  • Bathroom REMODELLING and renovations

  • Toilets and cisterns

  • repairs and replacement

  • Kitchen renovations

  • Tap washer replacement 

Thermann evacuated tube solar gas boosted hot water systems offer reliability and efficiency. Passive sun tracking means more of the suns rays are converted to usable hot water throughout the day - reducing your power bills.

 Licensed Gasfitter and Plumber


Trained and Certified Plumbers

Don’t ever undertake gas work yourself or to use a tradesperson who does not have specialist gas knowledge and skills. Orbost Plumbing is licensed by The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) who administers the licensing and registration system for plumbers and gasfitters to promote and enforce plumbing standards across Victoria.

The benefits to you:

  1. Training and competency – to be a licensed gasfitter, Orbost Plumbing have undertaken the appropriate training to complete gas work safely, including having passed exams for competency and being registered with the VBA.

  2. Licensed gasfitters must have insurance – Orbost Plumbing provide a six (6) year warranty on the work we perform.

  3. Preserve your manufacturer’s warranty conditions – if appliance installation work is carried out by a licensed tradesperson, your manufacturer’s warranty conditions are not breached. Orbost Plumbing are authorised agents for many of Australia's favourite brands.

Compliance certificates

After installing a gas appliance, a licensed gasfitter must give you a compliance certificate.

Your copy of the Compliance Certificate protects you. If any problems arise later Orbost Plumbing will come back and remedy any installation problem.

Don't be fooled!

You may be offered a ‘cheap’ job excluding the cost of the compliance certificate. This is an offence under the Building Act 1993, denies you a guarantee and prevents the work from being audited for compliance and quality.

Westinghouse WFG617WALPG Freestanding Gas Oven Stove
  • Gas, electric and solar hot water units

  • Gas fitting appliance installation and repair

  • Gas lines

  • Gas appliance change overs

  • LPG or Natural Gas CONVERSIONS


Commercial Plumbing 

Poly Pipe welding for long lasting leak repairs

Pipework and poly welding

We offer poly pipe welding, installations and upgrades using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, PVC pipe and concrete pipe including stormwater systems.

Backflow testing certification

Backflow and thermostatic mixing valve certification and maintenance specialists.

We will ensure that your systems remain compliant with local codes and regulations through our thorough inspection and maintenance services.

Building Construction and Repairs

No matter what you are building, a new office block or retail shop , we offer fire reels and hydrant installation and we are insured and certified to cover all the bases in professional plumbing and gas-fitting for commercial buildings.


We’ve got East Gippsland plumbing covered:

Cody from Orbost Plumbing

  • CO testing of Gas appliances

  • Wood heater installation and repair

  • Sewer and water main construction

  • Backflow valve test and reporting

  • Blocked drain repair

  • Sewer and stormwater systems

  • Rough-ins

  • Rain water tanks and Pumps

  • Metal roofing installation and repair

  • Gutter replacement and cleaning

  • Septic tank installation

  • Sewer jetter service